What if you could sell stuff in your sleep?

You can, and I‘ll teach you how.


 This isn’t your typical course on how to build another funnel. We’re actually going to get stuff done!

Can you afford to keep selling the way you’re selling? 

I’m willing to bet that most of the time, you feel like an octopus – juggling marketing, inventory, content, Facebook ads, email list building, conversion tracking, messaging, chatbots, landing pages – and you only have two hands!

Do you want to sleep soundly at night, knowing you have a proven plan for your business, and count new customers and sales like sheep in your dreams?

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"I got a new client worth a 32x return after the training I got. I can’t believe this stuff actually works, Bryan and Courtney teach sales magic!"

Linda Mallut
Owner, BeFreeDogTraining.com

"I’ve been a huge fan of H2H for a long time, and after just 2 weeks of training, I felt like I had already gotten an entire year’s worth of value from this awesome community!"

Jed Record
Marketing Consultant, Keynote Speaker

"Working with Bryan and Courtney helped solve what I had been struggling with for so long, and was blocking my forward progress. I took decisive action. It felt effortless! Every success I have will have your handprint on it."

Jennifer Quinn
Host, The JennyQ Live Show and Social Media and Livestream Video Expert

I used to feel like I was out of control of my own destiny.

I get where you’re coming from, because I’ve been there too.

I used to feel out of control of my own destiny.

We all have different life experiences and that’s what makes us human. But, I think we can all relate to that frightening feeling when we don’t know which way to turn, or what to do next.

Here’s my story. Last year, once again, I hit rock bottom. My life played out like a country song! I put on almost 30 pounds of weight I definitely didn’t need. Because of this, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My grandma died. My daughter left for college. And to top it off, I had to let all my employees go in my own company, leaving me feeling completely alone without a sales process. Oh, did I mention our business was operating in the red to the tune of multiple six figures??

You could say that things definitely weren’t going my way.

To say it felt super scary, is an understatement.

There I was, with a family to support and needing to figure something out… and fast. It seemed like things were out of my control.

But actually, you know what, they weren’t…

So I reversed it.

I realized that life wasn’t “happening to me”… it was happening around me, and it was up to me to write my own story

I buckled down, worked my butt off and focused on getting me and my business healthy.

I developed a plan and changed my diet. I started working out. And I started studying sales funnels to figure out how they worked. I was hell-bent on figuring out a way to scale selling my own products – which were still a glimmer in my mind – so I could make money in my sleep. 

Without employees, my wife, Courtney, and I were a team of just two. It was time to look at things in a different way.

We inventoried our strengths and assets. Between the two of us, we have three best-selling books that have sold over 45,000 copies. I have keynoted in 15 countries, and spoken on the TED stage. I’m known as the “Human-to-Human H2H” guy, having started the Human Business movement for Social Media and Marketing in 2014. I have a solid personal brand, with over 350,000 social fans and followers. And, Courtney and I have owned our Marketing firm, PureMatter, for 18 years together, where everyday we develop Email Marketing, Social Media, Content and Influencer Marketing campaigns with big brands like IBM, Cisco, Netflix DVD.com, Pitney Bowes and Plantronics. We realized that our agency, over the years, had produced hundreds of assets, tons of knowledge, and models, processes and tools we could use to scale to new audiences. 

We had products to sell.

Last January, I successfully launched my first mini-Course called “How to Build Your Personal Human Brand”.

In May, we launched the Human Marketing Club H2HClub.com, filled with Master Classes, an engaged growing community of entrepreneurs, packed with over 30 assets we turned into products. 

We pivoted our agency into a consultancy and this year, are operating healthily in the black, making almost half a million in revenue. 

Oh, and that Diabetes thing? Kicked it, confirmed by my doctor. I’m down almost 30 pounds, and feeling energetic, optimistic, and ready to kick some serious butt. #BAM  


The only problem? Humans aren’t good at sales funnel marketing.

At the core of every interaction and every business transaction is human emotion. Why does some marketing make us feel a certain way?

I believe that to truly connect with customers, we have to use our unique human characteristics and personalities to forge an emotional connection. Humans are guided by emotion and make purchasing decisions based on their feelings.

As Courtney says, “Market to the heart, and sell to the head.”

So why do we still get so much sucky marketing?!

Sales people we’ve never met sending us emails asking for a meeting, or to share their content. Strange Messenger chats on Facebook from creepers we have no idea who they are. And wooden, pushy, “me-me-ME” wording that makes me want to gag. Stop the robotic, monotonous corporate clap-trap that turns people off of what you’re selling already!

I discovered this pretty quickly in my learning journey. Automation is great – but not at the expense of being an offensive robot on the other side. I realized that the level of disrespect and time wasting of potential customers was epidemic, and needed to be changed.

I put my skill sets together – as the “Social Media #H2H guy” – and decided I was going to change Sales Funnel Marketing FOREVER. I reverse engineered the process, and figured out how to make it human again.

It’s time to start selling stuff in your sleep with the Human Sales Funnel Course. 

With my brand new course, I will show you how to reverse engineer the sales funnel, and humanize it through a real, emotive customer-centric approach.

I know there are a LOT of other people claiming to sell sales funnel courses. But I have a serious issue with all of them… they aren’t selling you anything that works. In my opinion, they are nothing but snake oil – the only one growing their business is the person selling the course!

I see lots of “gurus” doing this, and it sucks. I’ve been there myself, got the t-shirt, and was still left figuring out how to create an automated sales funnel that returned relationships, AND leads and sales. 

The “Sell Stuff in Your Sleep With the Human Sales Funnel” Course teaches proven marketing processes that help you find your voice, understand your customer, and define what they really care about, all BEFORE even teaching the automation sequences and Chatbot series. It’s foundation before technology, which is the only way it works.

You will make progress in a matter of days… even if you’ve never done any marketing before.

In my Course, you’ll learn how to:
  • Focus on your product and know how to launch it effectively
  • Build awareness for your brand and show customers how your product adds value
  • Master the tech tools you’ll need to engage with your audiences
  • Create your sales funnels using killer copy and mesmerising lead magnets
  • Convert with the messaging you use on your website and in your ads
  • Sell more products using tried and tested techniques
  • Take control of the direction of your business

The Course includes:

•  7 Step-by-Step Modules, Taught Over 14 weeks

•  4 Private Sessions + an Additional Introductory Session with your own Implementation Coach 

•  Inclusion in the “Sell Stuff in Your Sleep” Private Facebook Mastermind group

•  4 Bonuses, including 2 Mini-Courses, 3 Video Tutorials and a Messaging Guide

•  My ENTIRE SWIPE LIBRARY including Email Sequences, Email Content, Landing Pages, Webinars, and even Facebook Audiences

A $14,145 value!

(but that’s not the cost)

"Thanks to working with Bryan and Courtney and the entire H2H community, I signed two new clients! These three-little words – JUST SHOW UP – have profoundly changed the course of my business, my goals and my dreams. So much so, that these two little words – THANK YOU – hardly seem adequate!"

Linda D’Angelo
Owner, Small Biz Shop

"Learning the ‘Human-to-Human’ H2H philosophy taught me how to connect with others, as well as how to convert that connection into a relationship that can lead to impressions, subscriptions, and profit. As I transition from the Military to the business world, I am confident that I can now build a quality blog, grow an extensive mailing list, and link all my associated social media platforms."

Joseph Watler
USN, Special Warfare, Entrepreneur, Comedian

"After helping a countless number of business owners and larger companies grow their business, I decided to make the investment into growing my own. It was money well spent. I was able to recognize the cracks in my marketing foundation, solidify my platform and build an infrastructure that I can take out into the marketplace. Make the investment and reap the long-term benefits of this course and community!"

Brian Moran
Founder/CEO, Brian Moran & Associates

"I am thankful to Bryan for helping me get clear on my message. Doing the hard work has made me a better leader and has opened up my career to new possibilities and continued growth."

Christy Soukhamneut
SVP, National Sales Performance, Starkey Mortgage

Module 1: Validating Your Product and Identifying Your Launch Type

  • Take a good look at your product/service and work out what makes it unique and valuable to customers.
  • Focus on the ethos you want to communicate with your product.
  • Get to know your offering all over again and look at it from every perspective. Fall in love with what you’re selling all over again.
  • Discover the launch type that your business will benefit most from.
  • Think deeply about your audiences and customers and the launch model that will appeal to them.

Module 2: Building your H2H Sales Strategy

  • Learn how to build brand awareness using emotive, human-centric messaging.
  • Be taught how to recognize the types of human approaches that attract customers.
  • Position yourself as a value-creator and learn how to sell your product in a way that provides human value i.e solves a problem.
  • How to persuade customers to seek value.
  • Look at benefits of human guerrilla marketing. Show your products in an impromptu, unconventional way that makes them feel emotion.

Module 3: Choose your Tools

  • Watch over my shoulder to see which tech platforms are the best match for you. We'll cover both free and paid tools.
  • Why you need to get a handle on digital tech so you can connect with your customers.
  • Get a lesson in the fundamentals of building human engagement with technology.

Module 4: Creating Landing Pages that Convert

  • Learn how to craft compelling copy on your website that’ll encourage people to take action.
  • Populate your landing pages with engaging lead magnet that adds value to your audience’s lives.
  • Build your pages and learn how to design them with your user in mind.
  • Benefit from recommended tools, software and techniques to create pages with high conversion rates.
  • Find out how your landing pages can be a key hub for humanizing your brand.

Module 5: Building Your Inverted Funnel

  • Get the lowdown on funnels and how they’ll boost your business.
  • Find out all the key elements of an effective funnel and start to visualize your own process.
  • Use our templates to set up and create your first lead magnet.
  • Learn how to write a persuasive, super engaging email sequence to send out to leads and keep them super interested.
  • Implement human engagement touch points and humanize your funnel.

Module 6: Develop Webinars that Sell

  • Access information that’ll help you decide the best format and style for your webinar.
  • Work out what your brand’s narrative or story-arch is and start to build your content with your theme.
  • Learn how to create a captivating webinar deck and offer insight to your audience that’ll help them understand your product and services even better.
  • Refine your offering to customers. Focus on giving them the best info about your products, at the right times and in the way that they want it.
  • Take stock and look at an overview of all of the technology that you need to be using in your business. Where can you make improvements and what gaps are there?

Module 7: Creating Facebook Ads that Convert

  • Work out how to create a slick Facebook ad strategy and start finding your audiences and engaging with them on Facebook. 
  • Build your audience and work out how to segment your messaging with targeted ads.
  • Learn how to develop your Facebook ad funnels to maximize your ROI.
  • Set up your FB pixel and learn about other Facebook ad elements.
  • Play around with targeting and retargeting with your ads – experiment with what works with your audiences and leads them to convert.
  • Optimize your campaign and ensure you’re using the most effective layouts and copy in your ads.

Did I mention you get to swipe ALL my files?

Yep! l will give you my email sequences, landing page template, webinar template, and even the exact Facebook ad audiences that work!

Simply download, copy/paste and edit.


Wait. You said I get a dedicated coach?

That’s right. We’re not leaving you on your own – you’ll have an experienced “Sell Stuff in Your Sleep with the Human Sales Funnel” implementation coach, who is personally trained and certified by me, dedicated to your success journey throughout the entire course. They’re there to cheer you on, ensure you stay on track and help you through any challenging technical and marketing areas.

Think of your coach as your accountability buddy. I always find that it helps when you’ve got someone who knows how much progress you should be making – you kinda feel guilty when you don’t put the hard work in. So, let’s throw out the excuses and make changes.

You’ll have 7 modules to work through, and four, 30-minute sessions and one onboarding call to support and kick ass with them.


Meet just a few of our Coaches

As part of the Course fee, you will receive five private sessions with your very own personal implementation coach to meet with and support you as you work through the Modules. I have trained the best of the best. Meet a few on our team.








The Sell Stuff in Your Sleep Mastermind Private Facebook Group

As part of the Course, you’ll gain insider access to a secret Facebook Mastermind  Group, where you can network and share information about your own Human Sales Funnel journey with Bryan and your fellow classmates.

You complete your Modules as a community, sharing best practices from your challenges to successes.

Not only will I be an active member of the group, all of the Course coach trainers will also be team members to help along the way.

The Sell Stuff in Your Sleep Private Mastermind Group will be a supportive space where you can exchange ideas and get pointers from myself and my team.

 What kind of human would I be if I didn’t include some FREE AWESOME BONUS KNOWLEDGE with every course?



A $1200 VALUE

Building Your Personal Human Brand Mini-Course (a $1200 value!)

Build your very own personal brand, based on a human-centric approach.

Craft what you want to say to the world and find the best ways to say it. Become your own personal brand’s expert. If you can’t say it, no-one can.

Learn how to create your ‘hub’ – the central point for all of your content and the foundation of your long-term strategy.

Become a master of sharing online and offline and make tangible connections with followers and other thought leaders.

Begin to grow your audience and work out how to reach out and build your personal brand.



A $249 VALUE

Be a More Productive Human Mini-Course (a $249 value!)

Take control of your time and learn how to time-block effectively so you can be more productive.

Look at tech and tools you can use to help free up your time and concentrate your focus on higher priorities.

Manage your priorities and use strategies to organize your objectives.

Set aside more time to build your business!




A $299 VALUE

Creating Your Human Messaging Ladder Guide (a $299 value!)

Realize the true value of snappy, clear messaging, story and positioning.

Learn about messaging ladders and the importance of building a communications strategy that develops over time.

Get the tools you need to fill out your “Brand Circle” and identify your unique “Why”, Value Proposition to your customers, Vision and Innovation

Get the formula you need to craft your “Elevator Pitch” that leads with your inspiration, not what you do.




A $297 VALUE

Humanize Your Chatbots Video Tutorial Series (a $297 value!)

Prepare yourself for chatbots and look at how they’re already transforming communication-strategy.

Work out if you want to go down the chatbot route and use it to enhance your messaging.

Think about the type of format and style your chatbot can use to retain a humanized tone.



The “Sell Stuff in Your Sleep with the Human Sales Funnel” Course, and all of the BONUSES I’m offering, are valued in total at $14,145…


Here is the tiered pricing, structured to reward the students who take advantage of this offer EARLY:

  • Early Bird price of $1,199 or 6 payments of $229.83 –  Good until November 6th at 9pm PST

  • Regular price of $1,799 or 4 payments of $517.25 – Good until November 13th at 9pm PST


Oh, and there’s something else…


I’ll be holding 3 VIP spots for students who want to have me as their very own personal dedicated coach throughout the course.


Each of the 3 VIP spots cost $9,999, which includes everything I’ve mentioned PLUS 6 private, 60-MINUTE one-on-one training sessions. I will be your coach.


I’ve spent years mastering how to humanize my own sales funnel, so this is a right fit for just 3 people who want to tap into my brain directly.



How do you know if you’re READY?

  • You’re really serious about growing your business
  • You passionately believe that your product can make a difference in your customers’ lives i.e make it awesome but are frustrated that more people haven’t heard of it, or you
  • You feel a bit stuck and overwhelmed because there’s so much tech, so much advice and so many opinions that who has the time to sort through all of it??
  • You want to finally be able to share some good news and positive stories for a change about your business to your friends and family (the holidays are coming up, I’m just saying this would be a great time to get prepared) 
  • You’re eager to learn and are ready to put new ideas into practice
  • Being an entrepreneur has always been a dream and you’re ready to commit to doing things right instead of wasting time and money trying to figure it out for yourself

You’re probably not ready for this Course if…

  • You’re expecting a sprinkling of fairy dust with a side-helping of unicorn magic to instantly transform your business without any effort
  • You’re used to outsourcing everything and want others to do the work
  • You’re confident that everything you’re doing to generate leads and sales is running exactly perfectly
  • You think that Facebook is going to continue to let businesses market for free


Listen to how this course can change your life.

Lynn Abate-Johnson, CEO, People Forward

“What Bryan and Courtney teach is truly transformational. They deconstruct the tried and true processes, and help their students determine the most crucial cornerstones that will make a business successful. And, they make it fun, without any B.S.”

Jennifer Quinn, CEO, JennyQ LIVE

“Not learning how to build a funnel to sell your product or services is no longer optional. You will pay one way or another. My experience with Bryan, and the expert advice and training he’s given me, has truly changed my life. Jump in, don't hesitate! In the end, you will save frustration, tons of time and money.”

You have Questions. We have Answers.

Q: Will my business succeed with this course?

A: We’ll try our damn hardest to get you to the place you want to be, but I can’t make any guarantees. This process is about your own commitment and hard work too. I can help provide you with the tools and knowledge to make changes and it’s up to you to apply what you’ve learned to be successful. We’ll be with you every step of the way though and if you push yourself, you can do anything!


Q: Is this course for me if I don’t want to sell online?

A: Humanizing your sales funnel is actually something that all businesses selling products and services – anything, really – should be making a priority. Facebook isn't going away and is increasingly making it impossible for businesses to gain ANY organic reach. Growing your email list with the right people is paramount for reaching the right customers, and humanizing key touchpoints is the only way to build and maintain relationships with them. You can't have loyal customers if you don't have any customers.


Q: I’m a bit shy – do I have to post in the Facebook Group?

A: You can do whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re better off talking to your personal trainer and speaking one-to-one, then that’s totally fine. You don’t have to post in the Facebook Group if you don’t want to, please feel free to lurk at will. But what I will say, is that we’re a friendly bunch, we're all here to support each other, so don’t be scared to reach out. I know you'll discover quickly that this group will generate lifetime friendships well beyond my Course.


Q: This is a commitment and a big investment – should I make the jump with the holidays coming up and the New Year starting?

A: Parting with your hard-earned cash and buying anything is a big deal, so I totally understand if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive. I’ve worked to provide this course at the lowest possible price I could, packed with tons of value, so you’ll definitely get your money's worth and more, that's for sure! We offer monthly payment plans if that's easier on your budget. If you're not a solopreneur, your company may offer an Education budget that could expire at the end of the year, so now would be the perfect time to apply those funds. 

Although the Course is 14 weeks, we have built into the schedule a 2-week break during Christmas and New Years. I’m human too, everybody's gotta rest!


Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept payments online using any major credit card or Paypal.


Q: So, I’ve decided to sign up, yay! What's next?

A: You’re awesome! I can't wait to get to know you and get you started on this journey! Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email detailing exactly what to do next, including details about your new personal trainer. Once we start the Modules, the group will work together in two week blocks until we complete the course.


Q: How much support will I receive?

A: As mentioned, you’ll be assigned your personal accountability trainer who will be around to meet with you and support your business journey. Remember, if you pick the VIP package, it’ll be me helping you along the way . You’ll also have access to the Private Facebook Mastermind Group, where the other students, trainers and I will be around to answer any burning questions.


Still got more questions?

I want you to feel confident and happy about your purchasing decision, so if you’ve got any more questions then drop me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



The strategies and tutorials that I teach in this course are what I used to grow my own business over the last 17 years.

I know that if you do everything I have here including the lessons, meet with your coach, apply everything you learned and participate in the Facebook group, you will see results.

That said, we’re more than happy to refund your course fee if you’re not getting what you expected or the results you wanted. What we’ll ask from you though, is to show us that you’ve done all your homework, built your funnels and attended your private coach sessions.

If you can show us your work, then we’ll reimburse you within 30 days of the course closing. The reason we ask you to prove that you did everything in the course, is because we’re really confident that if you follow the steps and the support of your coach, you’ll see results for your business. 

Here’s a quick recap of everything!


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